Practicing Gratitude – Gratitude Journaling

Modern life, which is full of obligations and responsibilities, filled with needs and efforts to fulfill them, does not leave us much space to turn around and see the details of that what we live. Fulfilling responsibilities brings with it bustle and stress that negatively affect our health. Along the way, we become anxious and … Continue reading Practicing Gratitude – Gratitude Journaling

shallow focus photography of firecracker

Keep the Magic

Welcome miracles into your life Keep the magic and see your life change! The festive season The season we all enjoy; The season we’re all looking for; A season that fills us with joy. It is the time for buying presents, planning family gatherings, and preparing holiday foods. It is the time when most people … Continue reading Keep the Magic

Did You Know That… Good and Bad…

We all have our good and bad things, good and bad experiences, good and bad attitudes, good and bad outcomes, and so on. Good means something that would satisfy us, that would make us happy, something that would fulfill our expectations, and something that would initiate a positive change. On the other hand, bad, means … Continue reading Did You Know That… Good and Bad…