The Power of “I AM”

There is a well known power of “I AM”…. use it!

Whatever you think of yourself defines you. Whatever you say about yourself becomes your reality. Also, whatever you say after “I am…” will follow you and find you.

Most of us have learned not to appreciate and value ourselves. Some because someone told them they were not worth it, some because they give up before they try, and some because they never learned the opposite.

Therefore, by saying “I am not worthy”, “I am not happy”, “I am not able” or “I am stupid” you give yourself an attribute and you become what you say.


Because you are a creator: you create whatever you claim or believe. Your brain works to provide you with what you think and feel.

Can you see what a powerful being you are?

So, if you think that you are weak, not clever or beautiful, you will become that. You vibrate at low frequency and attract alike. If you set your mind to “not enough” – you will never be enough. You will never be enough in your reality and your whole life will picture that. But in actual reality, you ARE enough, because you have to be enough. You are not only human: You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience and as such you are enough and much more.

As a human being, you come into a variety of situations, some pleasant, some not so pleasant and you feel. But do not identify with your feelings – rather observe them, because you are not your feeling. You are much more than that.

Be careful of what you think because you become what you think. The Universe always provides what you think about, so observe your thoughts. Your thoughts and feelings become your reality.

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And do not limit your imagination – there are no limits and restrictions but the ones you set. Dream big and imagine the dream fulfilled, imagine the feeling and stick to it. Align with that feeling. Go to sleep and wake up with that dream and do not think about “HOW.” Just DREAM! And FEEL! And BELIEVE! Always dream from a place of love, not selfishness. Think of what you already have and be grateful for it.

Don’t talk about diseases. If you want to inform someone, just tell them that there is awareness of some symptoms and take the opportunity to seek balance from Universe. If you keep repeating the diagnosis you put them up in your mind and collective consciousness.

See The Power of “I Am”

Therefore, if you say “I AM…” make sure to put for example “blessed” or “loved” or “happy” or “worthy” or “capable” after it. And yes, you can also add “pretty” or “beautiful” or “clever” as well. It is not selfish, because you really ARE all that. You are God’s creation and nothing is” too good to be true”. And you deserve it.

Use the power of “I am” Every day and see your life change!

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