Did You Know That… Dirty Electricity…

We can find certain electromagnetic fields in most living beings. In living cells, such electromagnetic fields manifest as part of our body’s normal activities, such as heartbeats, brain waves, cell division, etc. The problem occurs when exposed to artificial electromagnetic radiation which is not “normal” – dirty electricity. It is an unnatural creation of unusual powers, characteristics of signals, pulse, and wave shapes. It can redirect the cells of the human body in the wrong direction in countless ways, and it is not difficult to see what effect this can have on human health.

What is dirty electricity?

Today, millions of people are exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation. Wires and transformers are carriers of high-frequency current – very dangerous for our health. The type of energy generated by computers and other electrical devices circulates through our homes or workplaces via various cables or wireless systems. Even electric energy enters the house clean, devices pollute it and create electricity pollution or “dirty electricity”. The harmful impact reaches up to approximately one meter (and sometimes more) from the electrical installation, even when electrical devices are not active.

There are numerous documented cases where the increase in the amount of “dirty electricity” has led to several problems and complications with human health. Some of the common problems attributed to electrical pollution are frequent cases of cancer and tumors, fibromyalgia, attention deficit disorder in children, autism, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and diabetes. There are also cases when electrical pollution worsens the previous condition of the disease, such as multiple sclerosis and migraine headaches.

Things you can do to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation in your environment include:

  • Turn off wireless devices such as routers, printers, laptops, tablets, and computers
  • Obtain a wired instead of a wireless version of the keyboard, mouse, microphones, and speakers
  • Keep EMF devices at a distance
  • Use your smartphone safely
  • Get rid of your microwave oven or use it safely
  • Use Himalayan salt lamp
  • Use EMF harmonizers for your home, mobile phone and car

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➥ DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to replace medical treatment. The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.