Spirituality and Spiritual Journey

What is spirituality

Spirituality means different things to different people. For some people, spirituality is connected to faith and church. Others find comfort in prayer and their personal relationship with God or the Divine. Some find meaning through a connection with nature or art. Like a sense of purpose and meaning, the personal definition and meaning of spirituality can change throughout life, influenced by experience. Spirituality includes recognition of feeling or belief that there is something greater than what we perceive with our senses and that there is a sense of a greater whole, of which we are a part.

Ancient vs Modern

Early civilisations, as well as peoples who lived in a not-so-distant past, nurtured spirituality and lived in harmony with nature. Traditions, customs and spiritual rituals were maintained and passed down from generation to generation. They lived harmoniously and in accordance with the laws of nature, which above all was respected and protected.

Industrialization and the development of modern society, which propagated life in big cities, in concrete buildings, and work in factories, often in poor conditions, led to the development of diseases that were never known before. Man, by force of circumstances, separated himself from nature and everything related to spirituality.

What Happened to the Man

The development of technology put a man in a situation where he no longer thinks for himself, but adopts the information and narratives he gets exposed to the constant information pollution that is all around us. With the development of the consumer society, the emphasis is placed on the ego and the establishment of wrong value systems. The values imposed by television commercials and the education systems are respected while forgetting that there is also something beyond this material reality. We rely only on our senses, while the soul and intuition are long forgotten. Separated from nature, man remains without his roots and spirituality.

Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey begins when we realize that there is a feeling that something is missing in this life and we decide to look for it. It starts with limiting and silencing the ego, self-respect, belief in one’s own worth, self-love and love for others. Being spiritual means finding meaning, peace and purpose within yourself. It does not mean reaching the goal, but being constantly in balance and constantly returning to essential values. Being spiritual is a process and a constant journey. It is a continuous process of awareness of the moment, its essence, calm reaction and experience, with the absence of ego limitations.

Spirituality is the science of human growth and transformation, as well as the transformation of the world through peace and purity.

Spirituality is personal

You are spiritual:

  • If you try to wake up every morning grateful for what you have;
  • If you try to always be the best version of yourself;
  • If you love yourself and others;
  • If you are empathetic and help others;
  • If you appreciate and respect the world and every living thing around you.

If you see yourself in any of these then you are spiritual, regardless of whether you are aware of it and whether you think so for yourself.

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