Power of Gratitude

Do we know what the power of gratitude is? We say “Yes, please”, or “No, thank you”, or just simply “Thank you” every day. But what is it? Is it a way to be kind, or is it something that we have been taught to say, is it just a polite manner, or do we really MEAN what we say? Every day we go through life, most often spontaneously following a thought, habit, scheme, model, following somebody else’s wish, following an “instruction” we heard somewhere, without actually consciously knowing why we are doing it. If someone stops us in a moment and asks questions, few of us would know the answer to why we do this, or why we do that, and then we would realize that there are actually very few things that WE really want to do, and we still do everything.

We don’t usually think “out of the box”, we are happy to have a job, to be able to support our children, to provide for our family, to be able to maintain decent health and that’s a typical model of modern life.

But what happens when we are left alone?

When the lights go out, the narratives go silent and we are left alone with our thoughts. Does anything change then? Do we then feel that somewhere there must be something else besides this simple monotonous life that offers us only a taste, touch, and smell of material things we desired and longed for? Can we feel that there must be something else out there for us? Do we feel that we have not yet reached our full potential, and we feel that we are ready and that there must be something else beyond this?

Is that what keeps us looking, moving, doing and yet never seem to “get there”? Does our heart tell us in such moments that we are much more than just a physical body? Is it the feeling that we are missing something   we truly desire – is it a sign that something actually exists and we can’t remember? Can you relate to that, right at this moment as you read these words?

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Therefore, saying “Thank you” is one of the ways to be kind and it means a lot. But did you know that, in addition to being kind, you can change your life and your whole world by saying “Thank you”? Probably most people don’t know this, and there is possibly even fewer practicing it. It is not something we learn in school – no one has ever told us that we can create our reality simply by setting a goal, making a decision and feeling that we are able to achieve it. They taught us that we have to learn skills and we have to work hard for it; we have to depend on the system, we have to grow old and sick.

How many times have our parents told us that we can’t have everything and it is not okay to dream big? Not because they didn’t love us, or did not want the best for us, but because they were taught so. That’s how we learned to set boundaries: “I can go this far”, “I can only go this way” or “I have to work hard to get what I need”. Therefore, if WE set the boundaries – WE can remove them.

So, what can we do to show gratitude?

We need to change – we have to change our thoughts, our habits, our believes, we have to believe we are worth it, we have to believe that we are capable, that we are loved. We need to change ourselves. Once we change ourselves – everything changes. What most of us do is that we take our life as granted. We take everything we have or see as granted. And that is what we need to change first of all. So, why don’t we try to feel grateful? Some people will say “I have nothing to be grateful for”, or “How can I be grateful when I struggle?” But we all have so many things to be grateful for.

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Just go out to the park on a sunny day and look around: you will see an abundance of trees, grass, birds, insects, beautiful blue skies, fresh breeze, beautiful sunlight. Say “Thank you “for each and every thing and each and every being in your life. And feel that gratitude at the same time. Feel grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. And feel gratitude for being able to SEE that, being able to HEAR or TOUCH, able to SMELL….

Don’t you think that is a very good reason to feel gratitude? There are so many people who are not that lucky. Touch the trees and plants and thank them for being there for you and producing the oxygen you need to live. Doesn’t your heart do a great job of keeping you alive 24/7? Isn’t the water that provides life and cleanses the body so that everything works well? So, thank your heart; Thank the water for being available and accessible to you. And really feel that gratitude because not everyone is lucky enough to have access to fresh water.

How to practice gratitude?

Don’t think about what you need or don’t have. Think about what you have and be grateful for it. Once you get out of the feeling of lack and start feeling the abundance as it really is, your vibration will change. Trust me, what I mentioned above is only a small part compared to the abundance we already have. Observe, feel, listen, close your eyes and touch the trees, flowers, listen to the sounds of nature. Say thank you to everyone and everything in your life – you can do it mentally. You will feel different, your vibration will be higher, you will feel happier, healthier and lighter. Gradually add blessings and love to your daily practice and your life will change. And you will be a changed person. Your whole world will change. Do not judge – no one is perfect and no one has the right to judge except God.

To begin, start your day by saying “Thank you God for the new day” and be thankful for all the blessings you have and all the blessings you receive.

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