Be The Light And Shine On

It is easy to become scared and discouraged in everyday life. You read the headlines, watch the news and become overwhelmed and depressed by the amount of bad news bombardment. But that’s not the end: Behind the clouds, the sun still shines and after the rain, the sun comes again. Remember that you are not only human. You are much more than that. There is light within you waiting to be discovered. Be that light and awaken to your power.

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Shine Your Light

Find the light within and let it shine. Light the way for those who cannot see through the darkness yet. Do not add power to other people’s drama, because you are not helping them by doing so. Rather, be a steady hand and listen with love and compassion. Do everything you can from your heart without adding to the story. Shine your light on those in need and you will find peace within yourself.

Bring More Love into Your World

Come to know that all is connected and you will know that you are loved and supported at all times. Be present and live your life to the fullest. There are no shortcuts to life – it is eternal. Slow down, breathe and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the silence. Find the love inside your heart and spread it more and more, beyond your body, beyond your city, beyond the planet. Bring more love into your world and you will make a great impact.

You Reap What You Sow

Spread peace and love, kindness and compassion. Be the light that you are and spread it around. This light is yours to spread freely. See the love around you and shine. Sow light, peace, love and goodness and you will reap what you sow.

Within You the Light Never Goes Out

When the times are hard and the way is not easy to find, turn inward Look for silence and listen to it. Look for that light inside you that never goes out. Find the peace and love that live in your heart. Step outside the box and look around. You will see the world of endless opportunities that you have been missing out on. Shine the light and let your every thought and action be guided.

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