The Power Of Imagination

Imagination is a gift from God. It is the ability to imagine things that are not real or to create an image of something that you have not yet seen or experienced. It is a powerful tool that allows us to see what could be. The power of imagination is available to all of us for everyday use.

What is imagination

Imagination is the ability to mentally symbolize feelings, things or situations that are not physically present. Forming a mental image of something that is not visible to the senses, can lead to creation and innovation. It can consist of new ideas, or the act of combining known ideas, concepts or plans in a new arrangement. Either way, imagination can be useful and enhance reality.

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Why imagination is so powerful

Imagination affects everything we do, think or create, regardless of who we are, what our profession is and whether we are rich or poor. It helps us to experience other worlds, feelings and relationships. All the great innovations started with an idea and an imagination of what it could be.


Imagine you are healthy; Imagine that you are happy and surrounded by people you love; Imagine living the life of your dreams; Imagine you are very successful; Imagine having the power to help people in need; Imagine that everyone is happy and living in peace.

As Lennon says: “Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can; No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man; Imagine all the people sharing all the world”.

When you imagine things you like or want, you change your vibration and attract alike. You attract new ideas or just shape the existing ones.

If you cannot imagine something, it is not likely that it will become your experience. So, recognize and unleash the power of imagination.


Use The Power of Imagination and Change Your Life

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