Change Your Reality By Changing Your Perception

Change your reality by changing your perception and see your life change!

Our perception is our reality. Everyone has a different reality because everyone has different perceptions, thoughts and beliefs. 

Thoughts come and go, and as such, they don’t have much impact on our lives. However, thoughts that come back, thoughts that we pay attention to, thoughts that we deal with, thoughts that make us not feel good, or thoughts that are there because we don’t feel good – these thoughts carry certain vibration, which, if these thoughts become primary, significantly influence our lives and create our reality.

If we believe something is true or that something exists, we perceive it as reality. It is reality because it is real to us. We cannot change things, but we can change our perception.

To be able to change our world for the better we have to work on:

  • ourself
  • our thoughts
  • our perception
  • our feelings
  • our energy

By changing what we think or feel about a certain situation, we can change our reality or any symptom in our physical body.

How can we change our perception?

Our perception is created based on what we know, what we believe and what we have experienced. We don’t see everything that happens around us. We see what we want to see. What we see supports our beliefs and makes up our reality.

What we focus on expands, which means that we can shape our reality by training our brain to see things that serve us and ignore those that don’t.

We can train our brain to see positive things in the negatives that happen; we can see lessons in our failures and be grateful for them; we can change our perception by asking questions.

Questions we can use in our daily lives to change our perception

  • What can I learn from this? With this question, we train our brain to look for   lessons even in negative situations and outcomes;
  • What else is possible here? We train our brain to look for solutions;
  • What is good for me that I’m not getting? The brain is trained to look for the right options;
  • Why do things always work out for me? Our brain finds things that serve us;
  • Why only good lies before me? Brain will look for reasons to celebrate;
  • Why am I so lucky and successful in everything I do? This question trains our brain to look for the coincidences that lead us toward achieving our goals;
  • What good things happened to me today? The brain looks for the good in every situation;
  • Why is my body fit and pain-free? We train our brain to bring healthy solutions into our life.
  • Why am I good at serving others? Our brain will look for opportunities to serve others and be good at it.
  • Why do I have more than enough money for everything I need? We train our brain to look for opportunities to get more than enough money for our needs;
  • Why can I do so much in so little time? We train our brain to find ways to be successful and well-organized;
  • Why am I in good shape? This trains our brain to get us in good shape.

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We have the power to change reality when our perception changes. If we want a more positive reality, we must change our beliefs to be more positive. When we start to see the good in every situation, we become more optimistic. Small changes in our perceptions have a big impact on our reality.

Change Your Reality By Changing Your Perception and see your life change!

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