When The Lights Go Out

Day by day we go through life, most often spontaneously following some thought, habit, scheme, model, following somebody else’s wish, following an “instruction” we heard somewhere, without actually consciously knowing why we do it. If someone stopped us and asked us a question, few of us would be able to answer why we do this, or why we do that, and then we would realize that there are actually very few things that WE really want to do, and we still do everything.  Most of the time we play our role at work, at home, with our family, neighbours or friends. We all have a face that we show to others, depending on the role we play. But what happens when the lights go out? Are we still the same in the darkness of our rooms? Do we still have that same face, or is something changing?

Alone with Our Thoughts

When the lights go out and the stories go silent, we are left alone with our thoughts. This is the time when the masks fall from the faces and the truth is revealed in all its power and malice. This is the time when we realise that life is not really what we want it to be. It is the time when we fear the most when we think about bad things that have happened or things that we fear will happen.

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Time for Healing

The time when the lights go out is also a time for healing. It is the time to reconcile what happened during the day and to heal. We need to focus on all the good things that have happened. Focusing on bad things brings us more bad things. When we focus on good things, we raise our vibration and set our minds in a positive way. Think how blessed you are. Think about what would make you truly happy.  What would make you feel special, what would you like to happen to you and how would you like to be treated. Feel it in your body. Let that feeling put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart and fall asleep with it.

Feel Good

The feeling of fear comes from worry. We tend to worry about many things, even if worrying leads us nowhere. We keep asking ourselves “what if” and the “what ifs” cause worry and worry drives us into fear. And in a state of fear, we cannot think clearly, we cannot see clearly, we tend to make wrong decisions, we create scenarios that have nothing to do with the reality, but become our reality, because we vibrate at low frequency and that vibration overshadows our senses.

When we take the time to focus on the good things in our lives, we naturally become more optimistic and happier. When we feel gratitude, we reduce stress in our bodies, improve sleep, feel happier, safer and more confident, our heart health improves, we reduce loneliness and improve relationships. Our overall health improves. So, when the lights go out count your blessings, be grateful for them, smile to yourself and feel good.

Tonight Think about what happens when lights go out!

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