Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as tapping or psychological acupressure, is an alternative therapy for anxiety, post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) and some other health conditions. Tapping on different parts of the body helps balance energy and reduce physical and emotional pain.

If you are experiencing a problem of any kind, whether it is a physical symptom in your body or something that is happening on the other side of the planet, and if the outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside, then you can solve that problem by simply erasing whatever is causing it to manifest. The Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful tool you can use to achieve this.

How we create problems in life

Modern life, especially in cities where people work long hours and often get stuck in traffic, brings with it many obligations, stress, and worries. Problems come one after the other, we solve them on the fly, we try to achieve everything, put things in order, and be exemplary at work and in the family and among friends. We get hurt along the way, sometimes we deal with it, but often we push it away to deal with it later. We don’t allow ourselves to feel the emotions associated with the pain, or we just suppress the emotion and try to forget it. If we don’t think about those emotions, it doesn’t mean they are gone. They are still hidden in our subconscious waiting for their moment to act.

Fundamental wounds such as rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice can cause many physical, emotional, or mental disorders. We can put on a mask to hide and go on with our lives, but at some point, the memories take over and we start to suffer, consciously or unconsciously.

How to deal with problems

When it comes to experiencing problems in life, whether physical or emotional, the way to deal with them is to remove whatever caused them. The Emotional freedom technique is powerful research–backed tool for this.

By tapping certain points – energy meridians on the side of your palm, eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the lip, collar bone, armpit, and top of the head saying statements relevant to your condition or any problem in the world, you can bring up suppressed emotions, change your energy around that feeling, except yourself and how you feel and heal that condition or situation. There are numerous videos and explanations you can simply google and learn how to do it. If there is any problem, physical condition, or unwanted situation that you are aware of, that means that the root is inside. That is your emotion that creates this condition.

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Emotional freedom technique (EFT) can help people with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Weight loss issues
  • Mental disorders
  • PTSD
  • Emotional problems
  • Cravings
  • Other health problems

    Science behind Emotional freedom technique (EFT)

    Studies have shown that this technique is a powerful tool for your health and well-being. It can affect the physical condition of your body, provide incredible psychological benefits and change the way you feel mentally and emotionally.

    A 2019 Study involving 200 participants who practiced the Emotional Freedom Technique for four days showed that:

    • participants’ pain decreased by 57%
    • anxiety reduced by 40%
    • depression reduced by 35%
    • cravings decreased by 74%
    • PTSD symptoms decreased by 43%
    • happiness increased by 31%
    • there was a significant improvement in the general health of the participants


      Emotions are not only important in our life, but they also define who we are. Having low vibrational emotions, such as anger, fear, envy, inadequacy, or unlovedness, especially if we suppress them, at some point in our life these emotions create a physical, emotional, or mental problem, or simply create a situation or a pattern which we are not able to overcome.

      The Emotional Freedom Technique is found to be an “evidence-based” practice for:

      • anxiety
      • depression
      • phobias
      • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

      Tapping can be also used for treating any physical condition or situation in life. It is easy to practice, does not take long, and gives quick results. According to EFT International, “tapping helps us tune in to the negative patterns that we form around our uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or troubling memories. We ‘tap’ on the correct pressure points while bringing the thoughts or emotions into consciousness. The aim is to find relief, relaxation, and promote healing around the emotional or physical issues that hold us back.”

      What to do

      If you have a problem, educate yourself about EFT and start practicing it, and soon you will see results. For those who are not confident about doing it themselves – find a practitioner and make an appointment.

      More information, a free tapping manual, science & research, and a list of certified EFT practitioners can be found at EFT International  https://eftinternational.org/discover-eft-tapping/what-is-eft-tapping/

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      ➥ DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to replace medical treatment. The information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.