What You Think About Yourself You Become

Whatever you think about yourself creates the beliefs that determine your actions and behaviours. If you think you are not worthy or capable of doing something – you will not even try. You will strengthen that belief with every mistake you make along the way. And those thoughts create your life. What you think about yourself, you become!

How Reality Is created

It is our thoughts that create our reality. Thoughts come and go, and as such, they don’t have a big impact on our lives. However, the thoughts that come back, the thoughts that we pay attention to, the thoughts that we deal with, the thoughts that make us not feel good, or the thoughts that are there because we do not feel good – these thoughts carry a certain vibration, which, if those thoughts become primary, significantly affect our lives and create our reality.

What you can’t and what you can

You can’t change the thoughts that come to you, but you can choose which thoughts you give your attention to. The ones you give your attention to will reappear in your mind. The more you focus on positive thoughts, the more positive thoughts will come to you. It is your choice and your strength. What you think of you become; what you feel is what you attract; what you imagine, you create.

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What we can change

We can’t change things, but we can change our perception. To be able to change our world for the better we must work on ourselves, our thoughts, our perceptions, our feelings, and our energy. Changing what we think or how we feel about certain situations we can change our reality or any symptom in our physical body. And most important we have to let go of fear, anger, judgement, jealousy, hate, guilt, and other feelings that create a toxic environment around us and lead to illness.

Our thoughts are the mirror in which we see our world. Miracles happen daily when we identify old beliefs which no longer serve us and clear them. Our mind is like a computer that runs outdated programs. In order to clear these programs, we need to identify them and be willing to reboot the system. We must create new programs that are more in tune with the soul.

How you can change your reality

What we experience in the real world is a construct of our mind. We do not see the world as it is, but as our brain is programmed to show us reality. To be able to change your reality you need to:

  • Decide what you want – make sure that this is truly important to you;
  • Observe your thoughts – simply notice the thoughts, watch them as they come and go;
  • Let go of thoughts – let the thoughts pass – pay attention to the present moment instead of engaging with thoughts;
  • Be mindful – focus on your breathing, or create a journal;
  • Imagine your new reality and meditate on it – by doing this you will change your vibration;
  • Talk positive – it is very important to avoid negative thoughts and words;
  • Eat clean organic food – this makes you much more energized, focused and healthy.

You are born to be free; You are born to be healthy; You are born a creator; Your thoughts create your reality. So, if something is wrong – you created it. If you created it, you also have the power to uncreate it. Therefore, do not waste your time – change your thoughts and you will change your reality.

What You Think About Yourself You Become, so keep your thoughts positive!

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