Flaxseed- Chia Seed and Greek Yogurt

Flaxseed and chia seed are superfoods. Both are very nutritious, and they are great to take separately, but together they are even better. Flaxseed are larger and nuttier in flavor, while chia seed are smaller and blander tasting. There are many benefits of eating both, chia and flax seed, so try this flaxseed- chia seed and Greek yogurt recipe.

Ingredients for Flaxseed Chia Seed Yogurt:

1 cup Greek yoghurt natural style

1 teaspoon ground chia seed

1 teaspoon ground flaxseed


Grind 1 teaspoon chia seeds and 1 teaspoon flaxseed in a coffee grinder. Ad to a cup of natural style Greek yoghurt and stir well to combine.

Serve cold as a snack, with breakfast or with savory pastry.

** Serving tip: Serve with fresh berries or fruit of your choice.

Flaxseed chia seed and Greek yogurt is a great breakfast or snack idea. Try it!

Flaxseed Chia Seed and Greek Yogurt
Photo: Roman Odinsov

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