Home Remedy For Cleaning Blood Vessels

Try lemon and garlic home remedy for cleaning blood vessels!

For thousands of years, people have used homemade remedies to cleanse the body and blood vessels. Modern life has brought more health problems than ever before. Fast food seemed to be a good option for people working full time, but it brought with it modern diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Food in supermarkets is rich in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and it is also addictive: the more you eat, the more you crave.

Another factor that contributes to health problems is a sedentary lifestyle, which combined with an unhealthy diet causes weight gain. During the last century, people forgot about cleaning the body, although we all remember that our grandmothers regularly prepared home remedies for body cleansing. People worry that their animals and pets get cleansing products as needed, but do not think about themselves.

Today we bring you a recipe for a homemade remedy for cleaning blood vessels from plaque and cholesterol. It is completely natural and has many other health benefits. 

Lemon and garlic for cleaning blood vessels



Step 1

Peel the garlic, wash it and place it in a medium bowl. Add the lemon and fill the bowl with filtered water. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and soak for 15 minutes, rinse and dry.

Step 2

Pour 3 litres of filtered water into the pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. 

Step 3

Chop the lemon with the peel, put it in a pot with hot water, add the garlic, cover and let it cool.

Step 4

Place the mixture in a blender and blend for a few minutes, until it is processed. Pour the mixture back into the pot, cover with a lid and refrigerate for 3 days.

Step 5

Strain the mixture and pour it into glass bottles. Keep in the refrigerator until it is used up.


Take 50 ml of the juice 3 times a day before meals for 40 days. Repeat once a year.

This remedy will improve your blood circulation and normalize cholesterol levels. Lemon is one of the healthiest fruits known to mankind and has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. It is full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, which makes it a perfect natural remedy for various diseases, and it works just as well on our blood vessels.

Garlic acts as a natural antiseptic and a natural fighter against all types of inflammation. It is known to be one of the best sources of sulphur, an essential mineral that cleans the blood well and builds flexible cells in the arteries and veins, restoring their elasticity.

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