Going Up and Being Grateful

Going up and being grateful is not that hard after all – see how to do it and how to become good at it!

Going Up

It is not easy to be going up when you get stuck in everyday life and the problems that follow one after another. It is even more difficult to see yourself as a happy person who enjoys life. Fulfilling responsibilities brings with it busyness and stress that negatively affect our health. Along the way we become anxious and depressed, because we feel that there must be something more than pure survival, so some people start taking medications, some turn to drugs, some to alcohol. Therefore, we enter a vicious circle from which is not easy to get out.

Be Grateful

You are never fully stuck in the mud. There is an energy that pulls you out and helps you go up. It is the energy of gratitude. Be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude is like an elevator – it can take you up, but you have to open the door and get in it. This will take you beyond the story and you will be supported along the way. Gratitude takes you from being stuck inside your story, to flowing through a life of possibilities. Once you get in the right direction you are free again.

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Practice Of Gratitude

Take the time to focus on the good things in your life and you will naturally become more optimistic and happier. When you feel grateful you reduce stress in your body, you improve sleep, you feel happier, feel safer and more confident, your heart health improves, you reduce loneliness and you improve relationships. Your overall health improves. Regularly practising gratitude by taking time to notice and think about the good things you will experience positive emotions, have a stronger immune system, feel more alive, improve sleep, treat people with kindness and compassion.

How To Do It

Take a step-by-step gratitude practice and you will soon get into a routine that will change your life. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Notice good things, remember good things, think of good things, talk about good things and do good things;
  • See the good in people and be good to people;
  • Notice the beauty in yourself, in others and around you;
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others;
  • Appreciate what you have;
  • Appreciate what other people do for you;
  • Share a smile, a blessing, a good thought;
  • Share nice wishes with others;
  • Be grateful for all of the above.

In Conclusion

Practicing gratitude is easy and anyone can do it. You can start today, and in just a few days it can become a habit. For some it will come naturally, for others it will take some effort, but everyone succeeds in the end. Just take a few minutes a day to think of two or three things you are grateful for, such as your family members, friends, career, health, pets, home or anything else that makes you happy. You can express your gratitude mentally, verbally, or by writing it down. Choose the procedure that suits you. You can choose to start your day with gratitude or reflect before bed. You can choose to do both. Do whatever you resonate with. If you are grateful for a relationship with someone else, let them know. Research shows that the effects of gratitude are strongest when you share what you appreciate about others.

Going up and being grateful is not that hard after all!

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