Nutritional Yeast Uses and Benefits

Nutritional yeast is an inactive form of yeast that is rich in nutrients, such as proteins, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins, so there are a number of health benefits of regular consumption. It has a pleasant taste, described as nutty with a slight aroma of cheese, which makes it easy to add to your diet. If you want to find out in what ways it can be used, stay with us till the end of the post.

Here are some ideas on how to use nutritional yeast:

  • Swallow with water This is a simple and quick way to use nutritional yeast. Simply take a tablespoon of flakes and swallow with warm lemon water.
  • Add it to broths – If you are the one that enjoys broths, add 2 tablespoons at the end of cooking. This will give you even more health benefits.
  • Add to soups There are many healthy soups you can try. At the end of the cooking of your favourite, add 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast and enjoy.
  • Add it to curries – Some people like curry, some don’t, but this is a great way to take advantage of the health benefits of turmeric. And if you add it to your curry, your benefit will be complete.
  • Add it to stews Stew is easy to prepare and delicious. To enhance its already rich taste, add 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast at the end of cooking and your taste buds will thank you.  

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  • Add it to dips Dips are very popular, because they are numerous, so everyone can find the one they enjoy. Whichever you prepare or buy, you can add 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast, stir and enjoy.
  • Add it to sauces – Sauces are another popular dish. They can vary in colour and taste but can be very healthy depending on the ingredients they are made from. If you add 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast to them, they will be even tastier and much healthier.
  • Add it to vegetable stir fries – Vegetable stir fry is a delicious dish with high nutritional value. After you have finished cooking, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of yeast over your stir fry and add some Parmesan cheese. You will be surprised by the taste.
  • Add it to smoothies When it comes to healthy food, smoothies are always a good option. Whether they are made from fruits or vegetables, or both, adding a little nutritional yeast will make them even healthier.
  • Add it to the spread – If you make the spread yourself, you can easily mix a little nutritional yeast into it. If you buy ready-made, you can add nutritional yeast to it after opening the can and stir.
  • Add it to juices – Fresh fruit juice is a simple option to add a little nutritional yeast to it and enjoy the benefit.

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You can also think of some other way to add nutritional yeast to your diet. Whichever method you use, you win.

Besides the pleasant taste, nutritional yeast also contains a significant amount of B vitamins (especially folic acid) and beta-glucan the consumption of which has a positive effect on the immune system functioning, and it also contains a certain amount of trace elements and minerals. It contains all 9 essential amino acids that makes it a complete protein. Nutritional yeast does not contain fat, so people with high cholesterol like to use it as a substitute for cheese. It does not contain gluten and has a high fibre content.  

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