Festive Season – Season For Miracles

The festive season – The season we all enjoy; The season we’re all looking for; A season that fills us with joy.

What is festive season?

It is the time for buying presents, planning family gatherings, and preparing holiday foods. It is the time when most people get excited, when most homes are decorated, and we try to bring that magic. And we all pray that the experiences in the coming year will be good and that miracles will appear in our lives.

Regardless of one’s culture or background, everyone gets involved in the festive season in some way, whether by exchanging gifts with family and friends, attending company’s annual Christmas party, or attending or hosting a family Christmas lunch.

The holiday season gives us a well-deserved break from our daily responsibilities and work and brings a little more shine and sparkle to our lives.

But sometimes we forget that there is a deeper meaning to the holiday season, which includes spreading joy, and blessings, showing gratitude, compassion, recognition, love, and sharing.

The holiday season is also a time of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Ways to spread joy

  • Notice good things – Remember good things, think of good things, talk about good things and do good things. See the good in people and be good to people
  • Notice the beauty in yourself, in others and around you
  • Be kind to others
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Appreciate what other people do for you
  • Share a smile, a blessing, a good thought
  • Share nice wishes with others
  • Be grateful for all of the above

How to practice gratitude

  • Start your day with gratitude – First thing in the morning when you wake up say “Thank you for another beautiful day”. In addition to being grateful for the new day, you also made a decision that the day will be beautiful.
  • Approach people with a smile and say “Thank you” for what they do for you – When you smile, your brain produces serotonin which makes you feel happy. And when you feel and express gratitude your energy changes.
  • Count your blessings – Do not take things as granted. Notice the good things in your life and be grateful for them.
  • At the end of the day summarise all the good things and say “Thank You” – Express gratitude for all the good things that happened during the day.
  •  Keep a Gratitude Journal – Once a week, or more often if you like, write down everything you are grateful for. This will boost serotonin and activate dopamine production, which will make you feel happier and you will become physically and mentally healthier.

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Ways to Show Compassion to Others

  • Smile more – Your smile may have a big impact on someone else.
  • Speak with kindness and respect – Speaking with kindness and respect will make people feel good, and you will feel good about yourself.
  • Motivate others – Use positive language to motivate people.
  • Praise others – By praising others’ performance you help them feel better.
  • Listen without judgment – Listen to people’s stories, they are important to them. And do not judge, because you are not in their situation.
  • Apologize when you’ve made a mistake – Admit you made a mistake and apologize.
  • Offer to help someone – Help people in need.
  • Include the words “thank you” in your daily routine – Thank the people that do things for you. Do not take things for granted.
  • Encourage other people – Your encouragement means a lot to others.
  • Be happy for someone else’s success – You would like people to be happy for your success, so be happy for their success as well.
  • Share a hug or a handshake – The power of touch is a unique and powerful way to share compassion.
  • Accept people as they are – Do not expect people to change, but accept them as they are.
  • Make time for your friends and family – Even if you are busy, find time to spend with your friends and family, because life is too short to be busy.
  • Practice acts of kindness – Practice an act of kindness by donating clothes to the poor, holding the door for someone else, helping elderly people with their shopping trolley, etc.

Count your blessings 

Most of the time we take things for granted instead of appreciating them. There are many blessings in our lives and everybody can find their own in the list below:

  • To be alive
  • Waking up on another day
  • Having family
  • To be healthy
  • Being able to see, hear, feel, speak
  • Being connected to God
  • Guidance from your Creator
  • Having the opportunity to be surrounded by nature
  • Having a pet
  • The sunshine
  • Fresh air
  • Fresh water
  • Food
  • Home
  • A roof over your head
  • Job
  • Supportive co-workers
  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Friends
  • Relationships
  • An opportunity to live a healthy life
  • A vehicle
  • Abundance
  • Good fortune
  • Money
  • Healing
  • A smiling face at shops
  • Nice clothes
  • Books
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Good memories
  • A nice meal on your table
  • Being able to pay your bills
  • Good neighbors
  • Healthy environment
  • Avoiding misfortune or accidents
  • Ability to meditate
  • Being safe and protected
  • The ability to forgive and be forgiven
  • The ability to express yourself
  • Nice weather

So, take the opportunity this festive season to reconcile, forgive and be grateful. Be a blessing to someone, be a guardian angel – be whatever your soul desires… and enjoy!

The festive season should be the happiest season of the year – spend it with people you love and don’t forget to spread cheer!

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